Tuesday May 26th Capture The Flag Event


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Apr 24, 2020
Hello Wanderers!
Minecraft Server IP: play.minecraft.io

It’s time for Capture the Flag!

Tuesday, May 26th

EST- 5pm

Central- 4pm

PST- 2pm

London- 10pm

If confused please use:

Time Zone Converter – Time Difference Calculator

To attend do /visitregion Conquest at your nearest region post

There have been some changes since our last Capture the Flag event. Please read carefully.

There will be two teams. One team is green, the other team is blue. Each team will vote on a Conqueror. The Conqueror is essential because they are the person who will have the best gear, and they are the only person who can capture the flag. When they die they can pass their position onto another person, and so on.
There will be 5 rounds, whichever team wins the majority will win the game.
There will be armor and swords available for you.
Food will be made available to you.
Diamond armor and swords will be available in the center of the arena, but they are only accessible through parkour.
Weakness and slowness potions are available but are uncommon.
Be ready for possible bosses spawning in the arena!


  1. No cross-teaming (this could result in you being banned from future Capture the Flag events).
  2. Absolutely no cheating or hacking.
  3. Staff cannot claim the prize.
  4. Whoever takes the other team’s banner over the black line first wins.
  5. You cannot keep whatever you are given in the arena.
  6. Follow the Luxwander general rules at all times.
  7. None of your equipment from outside the arena can be brought in.
  8. Once you die, you are out.
  9. Be respectful.
  10. You must hold the flag in your hand if you capture it.
  11. You cannot hide the flag, if you do you will be removed from the game with /kill.
  12. You must have PVP on.
  13. Absolutely no hitting each other in the starting area.
  14. Only wear your own team's armor.