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Happy international nurses day!!

Thank you all for the kindness, it means a lot. Being a nurse working within the COVID wards is scary, and we put our lives on the line from just being on the front-line.

I try my best to support all my patients and treat them. It’s not an easy job, but it makes life so worth it.

thanks again for everything y’all ❤❤❤
The best thing about a good cup of tea, is that when you finish your first cup, it's british law that you have another one.
I've started streaming since I can now, and the first stream I've properly done was showcasing the build competition on Luxwander!
If you missed it and would like to listen to my endless rambling here is the link to my Twitch:
Oh yeah i never mentioned to y’all my user isn’t SammiPandaPoof anymore, it’s ThatBariGal. idfk how to change my user on here lol