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Minecraft Nations

Minecraft Nations is strategy and teamplay focused. Form and join nations. Create and be seated in governments. Build vast functional cities, with each building having a true purpose. Establish or live roles as citizens while engaging in trade, politics, and war on a grand scale.

Majestic Creative

Majestic Creative is a plotworld server and our players have instant access to 32x32 and HUGE 400x400 plots to build freely in creative mode and are fully protected! Build alone or with friends, show off your builds, or host events!

Hunger Games Arena

Experience Hunger Games style arena warfare. High speed PVP action bundled with a desperate power grab over limited equipment to overpower and slay your foes on each of our three epic custom maps with more maps on the way!

Vanilla Bean Survival

Vanillabean Survival is a classic Vanilla Minecraft experience. We only use plugins that we deem necessary to live true to our name such as anti-cheat, anti-xray, and protection. Members have access to block protection and players are automatically populated across the map ensuring ample resources and space to live out your adventure.

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